Toronto winter storm warning: 15 cm of snow expected! The snow was falling all day long. It was more like a blizzard, with strong winds and low visibility. Especially on the shores of Ontario lake. Time for more winter photos.

Toronto Islands Winter

I don’t trust any country that looks around a continent and says, “Hey, I’ll take the frozen part.” – Jon Stewart

It may be -30 degrees Celsius with the windchill and half a meter snow. Welcome to the Canadian winter!

One day in February, a winter storm hit Toronto. The perfect timing to go out and confront the nature with a camera.

Fresh snow covered the city, and amazingly, for a metropolis such as Toronto, there is a oasis of peacefulness: the Toronto Islands. A 15 minutes ferry ride from Downtown Toronto and you are in the wilderness, well just during a winter storm!

A continuation of the Cayo Coco – Beaches and Nature photos post. Random objects on the beach,  a vintage Buick 1957 car and, Cuban food and drinks snapshots.

Somewhere in Cayo Coco, Cuba. Sometime during the “prohibition” years…

Cayo Coco (“The Keys”) is an wild island in central Cuba with a colorful past. A hideout for pirates during the colonial times and a target of a Cuban exile group who used machine guns to attack the first resort opened on the island in 1994 and 1995.

The island provided settings for Ernest Hemingway‘s Islands in the Stream and The Old Man and the Sea. (Wikipedia)

White sand and calm beaches, protected by a 400 kilometer long coral barrier.

One Christmas day, first snow in Toronto. Getting up early in the morning for a winter wonderland photoshoot at High Park, Toronto. Good timing: lockdown and holidays, more ducks than people.

An overcast day, the photos are more like in black and white – contrasting with the vibrant colours of Fall or with the bright greens of Summer.

Winter in High Park photos and quotes.

It was snowing all morning in High Park… Let’s go out and shoot: enjoy the moment and capture the beauty of winter!

A winter wilderness escape in the middle of big city Toronto: photos and quotes.