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One of my most memorable trips was trekking the Annapurna Mountains, in Nepal, back in 2010.

From Kathmandu I flew to Pokhara with a small Yeti Airlines airplane, together with Ang CeCi Sherpa – the daughter of Everest climber and guide, A. D. Sherpa.

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

When it comes to fashion, the World is the wild west. But there is something untouchable for most people, but so desirable: haute couture, luxury fashion brands. From Toronto to Tokyo, Singapore to Geneva, Bangkok to Taipei, the beautiful, exquisite high-end fashion items are looking at us from windows displays, playing with our desires and pockets. Dolce Gabbana, Coco Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Fendi are just a few. And I looked back, shooting them with a camera so I can take them home as a memento.

Travel is not only about visiting historical places or trying local dishes, but also going shopping – or maybe just “window shopping”.

When you see for the first time a shopping mall in North America is like love at the first sight. But when you discover Asia and its modern, architectural masterpieces and luxurious shopping malls, than you are in shock and awe. So amazing! And the service is second to none.

Hot beer in Nepal, smoked beer in Transylvania, palm beer in Cambodia, and why not, testicle beer in Australia! Strange tastes and crazy names – beer you can enjoy around the world.

Some time ago, before Corona Virus, crowds of people will rush to the High Park in Toronto to get a glimpse of the ephemeral cherry blossoms. Thanks to the citizens of Tokyo, the first Japanese Somei-Yoshino Cherry Tree or Sakura was planted here in 1959. And from that time until now, people immortalized the beauty of these delicate pink and white flowers using film and digital cameras, cell phones and paintbrush on canvas.

Spring in full bloom! Almost. After two weeks from the first part of “Signs of Spring in a Strange World” – the Mother Nature is showing its power to bring Spring back after a long Canadian winter. Close-up photos highlight the colours and textures of buds and flowers. Multiple exposures bring a dreamy like feeling.