Travel Buddies

Down the road I met many wonderful people, locals and other travelers, making my trips very enjoyable. Local people are more open to interact with you while travelling alone. A local friend is a treasured companion. He knows the culture of the place and he is your best guide.

Travel buddies are fun – sharing the same path on our journeys and sometimes the same room, listening to stories of adventures while enjoying local food and one too many drinks – knowing that our paths may never cross again…

You also can find your friend online, before you go. Gifts from your country of origin are much appreciated.


In Kathmandu was Cheto – a freelancer tour guide. I met him on the street and he became my guide.

In Pokhara, was the “Provider”, a funny shady guy. Knowing him, I got to taste the home-made drink “Roxi” and try some Himalayan herbs!

Trekking in Annapurna with Ang CeCi Sherpa and my porter Bishnu, was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

With Ang CeCi and Bishnu, Annapurna Tekking

With Ang CeCi and Bishnu, Annapurna Tekking


The “High Road to Tibet” tour with G Adventures was perfect. And BP was the best guide I ever had.

Experiencing forbidden things, such as local food, was fun. My roommate, Ralph from Germany (center) and Marie from Toronto (right) helped me to “break” the rules…

Travel buddies: Ovi, Ralph & Marie - Everest Base Camp

Travel buddies: Ovi, Ralph & Marie – Everest Base Camp


Escaping from an organized tour in India for two days was like breathing again, especially if my travel partners were Mizuki and Yuka from Japan!


In Chiang Mai was Heidi, a Chinese professional going nowhere, same like me. So a “cloudy” day, suddenly became a “sunny” day! We even tried “fish massage”!


Miss Vong from my guesthouse was my guide for one day trip with the tuk-tuk to the falls in the peaceful Luang Prabang. She is an English teacher in Laos, so it was much easier to communicate and helpful to better understand the Laotian culture.


Having Thao in Hanoi, I didn’t have to think about where I am going. She is a graphic designer, a painter and a photographer, also a Vespa aficionado. Thanks for bringing me to the best places of Hanoi!

Thao, Hanoi

Thao, Hanoi


Meeting the Australian couple, Maggie and Matt, during the two days travel in the Mekong Delta between Vietnam and Cambodia, was fun. We shared a tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh to visit the highlights of this city and we spent a relaxing evening at the Foreign Correspondents Club.


It makes a huge difference to know somebody there, such as Joyce – a Taiwanese volunteer nurse. She was a wonderful host in Gambia and a very handy bankomat, GPS and security guard in Senegal… Thank you, Joyce!

Joyce, Dakar - Pink Lake

Joyce, Dakar – Pink Lake