Travel Bloggers Conference – TBEX Bangkok

The Future of Travel Media

More than 600 travel bloggers, writers, podcasters, videographers and photographers from around the world attended the TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) conference in Bangkok at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, 15 – 17 October 2015.

“The best blogging community are the travel bloggers because they’re very, very happy.” – Anton Diaz

TBEX Asia 2015 was organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

The conference was sponsored by Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, Agoda, Viator and others.

Starting with the sessions, workshops and keynotes, and ending with the parties, the TBEX was a big success.

The Seminars

“The world needs good journalism.” – Jodi Ettenberg

From the seminars and key notes I attended, I would highlight Jodi Ettenberg from “Legal Nomads” – “living and eating my way around the world”, Lee Abbamonte – the youngest American to visit every country in the world, Sharon Gourlay from “Where’s Sharon” – “travel smarter, cheaper and better with kids” and Tim Leffel – award-winning travel writer and editor.

Learning the latest blogging strategies from the best in the industry, networking with other bloggers and meeting the sponsors are the highlights of attending TBEX.

TBEX business cards

TBEX business cards

“Be aware of vanity metrics. They don’t tell anything about your engagement with your readers.” – Yara Paoli

Discover Thainess

“Discover Thainess” campaign aims to create an understanding of Thailand and the Thai people’s way of life, or what is called ‘Thainess’.

“Thailand boasts a strong culture, traditions, beliefs, values and customs that are unique and extraordinary – a harmonious mix of cultures intertwined with the quintessential Thai way of life.”

At TBEX ‘Thainess’ was conveyed through Thai handicrafts and traditional costumes, Thai food, music and dance.

Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements and “Loy Krathongs”

Thai mask creation

Thai mask making art

Watermelon carving

Watermelon carving

Banana stalk carving

Banana stalk carving (“Tang Yuak”)


Travel magazines, flyers, guides and directories have been provided by various Thai governmental agencies and sponsors.

TBEX Thailand marketing


This is me

“Life isn’t about a norm, it’s about living your dream.” – Maggie Wu

Ovi Berg, TBEX 2015, Bangkok

Lots of smiles at TBEX 2015, Bangkok

My business cards with different images incorporating elements from Thailand, Cuba, Japan and Africa were so successful, that everybody wanted more than one! Cuba was the clear winner.

100 Travel Stories Business Cards

‘100 Travel Stories’ Business Cards

Interesting Encounters

“Stories inspire people to see places in new ways.” – Jodi Ettenberg

The Hippie Happy Girl from Germany

10 month. 10 jobs. 1 big dream.

Live Two Travel (Vivir Para Viajar)

One Dutch girl. One Spanish boy. One site. Two languages. No planning. Just go!

Live Two Travel (Vivir Para Viajar)

Live Two Travel (Vivir Para Viajar)

Haute Culture with an Ethnic Touch

Wanderlusting for fashion, fabrics, people and places around the globe.

Alice Teacake

One country, one year. Travelling for five years.

The Pub Hoping Girl from Japan

Reviewing pubs, one or two drinks at a time.

Tomi Kaai

Tomi Kaai enjoying the Chang beer

The Food


“Aroy!” – It means delicious, and indeed the food was very good, wonderfully arranged and plenty.

Thai Food

Just a glimpse of Thai food

Chang beer

Chang beer, wine and a big smile

Thai sweets

Thai sweets

Thai dessert

Thai dessert

The Parties

The Opening Night Party

The opening night party took place at the Retro Live Café. Wine, music and dance – everybody was happy! We even participated at an early “Loi Krathong” celebration of water, where baskets made from banana tree trunk and banana leaves decorated with flowers were floated on a nearby lake. The real “Loi Krathong” is celebrated this year on November 15.

Thai dancers

Thai dancers

TBEX Bangkok opening party

TBEX Bangkok opening party

Thai dancers

Beautiful smile

TBEX Bangkok opening party

Bloggers enjoying the TBEX Bangkok opening party

The Farewell Party

From the convention center we boarded 10 coaches or so and headed to the Asiatique on the river side of Chao Phraya River.

The organizers prepared a big surprise for us: a huge fireworks show! It was really amazing!

TBEX Bangkok fireworks

TBEX Bangkok fireworks

TBEX Bangkok farewell party

Bloggers having fun

TBEX Bangkok farewell party

Singer at TBEX Bangkok farewell party

A great way to end the conference of dreamers and adventurers! Thank you, Thailand!

The next travel bloggers conference (TBEX) in Asia will take place in the Philippines in 2016.

TBEX Bangkok farewell party

A last sip of Chang beer at Asiatique!

“Travel blogging should firstly, lastly & always be about passion. If you just do it for money you are missing the point.” – Anje Rautenbach