Tiger Temple Thailand

Best of Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple

A visit to the Tiger Temple in the Kanchanaburi province of Thailand is a surrealistic experience and controversial. Getting close up and personal with a tiger is once in a life time adventure.


The Tiger Temple was founded in 1994 as a forest temple and sanctuary for wild animals including tigers.

In 1999 the temple received the first tiger cub, one that had been found by villagers; it died soon after. Later, several tiger cubs were given to the temple. As of July 2014, the total number of tigers living at the temple has risen to 135. (Wikipedia)

Visiting the Temple

The best time to go is in the early morning when the tigers are still very active, if you are willing to pay the VIP price of 5,000 Baht* per person (small children not allowed). The morning program consists of taking breakfast with the monks, feeding and washing the cubs, watching the tigers exercising and walking the tigers.

The road to Tiger Temple Thailand

The road to Tiger Temple Thailand

I arrived at the temple right in time for the 1 pm walking of the tigers. The fee for visiting the temple at this time is 600 Baht*, including photos taken by stuff while petting the back of the tigers.

The tigers you are interacting with are all young, but they look really big.

How to Walk a Tiger

Monk and stuff walking a tiger

Monk and stuff walking a tiger

  • Hold the leash with the left hand and pet his back with the right hand, positioning yourself alongside the tiger towards his back.
  • Don’t pet the tiger too soft or too hard.
  • Don’t go in front of the tiger or on the sides of his head or front body. Towards the tail is safe.
  • Never crouch in front of a tiger!
  • Don’t wear bright colors and jewelries, or exposing tangling objects

Temple Programs

After 11 AM

  • Watching the tigers exercising: 500 Baht*
  • Having the photo taken while holding a tiger’s head in your lap: 1,000 Baht*
  • Feeding the cubs and playing with them for 45 minutes: 1,000 Baht*

Between 7:30 AM and 11 AM

  • VIP morning program (by appointment only): 5,000 Baht*

Treatment of the Tigers

Jumpy the tiger

His name is Jumpy and he is very active and friendly!

There were reports in the past about mistreatment of the tigers.

The temple was cleared of allegations of animal mistreatment in a 2015 investigation conducted by wildlife officials and a raid by Thai soldiers. (Wikipedia)

The tigers are fed with whole chicken, beef and dried cat food and exercised regularly.

The cost of feeding the tigers is about 1,000 USD / day for 100 tigers.

Jumpy, the tiger

Jumpy, the tiger

Originally the tigers used to roam around freely, but with the increase in visitors and the number of tigers, they are leashed for safety.

English speaking volunteers are also involved in all aspects of managing the tigers and the visitors.

Wild boar at the Tiger Temple

Wild boar at the Tiger Temple


From Bangkok take a bus to Kanchanaburi from the Southern Bus Terminal (100 Baht*). It takes about 3 hours.

* 1,000 Thai Baht equals 28 US Dollar