Ricoh, Kanji, Enterprise & Merlot

What’s the connection between Ricoh, Kanji, Enterprise & Merlot?

Read the post to find out!

The Deconstruction of a Logo

The Beginnings

I wanted a logo to convey mystery, adventure, to be exotic and connected with the “100” number from the blog name.

After trying few ideas, I found if the “100” Japanese Kanji character is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise it can be interpreted as the “100” western number (below, from left to right, the first two logos in red).

100 Travel Stories Logo Ideas

Here comes the Graphic Designer

I asked my friend, Xue, for help. She came up with a couple of more logo ideas, all revolving around the “100” Kanji character (see above the last three logos), except for the European past century inspired design, seen here below.

European past century inspired design

But the most striking design is the Ricoh inspired logo.

Ricoh Inspired Design

We both own and love the wonderful RICOH GR, a small but powerful high-end camera. Taking elements from the Ricoh design, Xue reconstructed the “100” Kanji character in a very creative way.

It may look like the Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek or a UFO. And the swoosh gives a feeling of movement.


100 Logo IdeaThe decision was between the more corporate look of the logo (seen here on the right side) and the “Ricoh” inspired logo.

After running the designs between my friends, I choose the “Ricoh” inspired logo. For “100 Travel Stories” the colour is “merlot”. And from “Merlot” comes a lot of inspiration!

Final Designs

100 Logo

Thank you, Xue!