The Crown Jewel of Banff National Park: Lake Louise

“Imagine arriving here in the 1880s… the smell of pine forest, the sound of avalanches from the mountains above, and the wonder of vast unexplored country ahead. Today, the ice-capped peaks, hidden valleys and turquoise lakes are as spectacular as they ever were, and are much easier to get to!

Early visitors came to Lake Louise by rail or on horseback, until the road from Banff opened in the 1920s. Travellers in winter explored on snowshoes, and in the 1930s, the skiers arrived. The Lake Louise area has become a mecca for climbers, walkers, and tourists, summer and winter.” (Alberta Parks)

Postcards from Lake Louise

“Light in Nature creates the movement of colors.” – Robert Delaunay

Lake Louise

Canoe rentals

Smiley girl

Lake reflections

Turquoise lake in the mountains

Turquoise lake in the mountains

Lake Louise mountain close-up