Old Lady, Europe

Some places I’ve seen some time ago in Europe.


If you are between airplanes, take the city tour from the airport, or, if you have more time, take the train (a short ride from Schiphol airport) and enjoy Amsterdam! Amsterdam Red Light District (De Wallen) is the oldest part of Amsterdam and one of the main attractions. For tourists, strolling through the narrow alleys and seeing the prostitutes waiting for customers behind a glass door, is a unique experience.

The “Sex Museum” is a rarity in the world, and you will be shocked of what you see there.

Did you ever wondered where you can freely and legally smoke pot? Amsterdam is the place! I had to try. For the first time! So I entered one of the coffee pot shops and I tell the bartender that I am a newbie, so he taught me how to roll a joint. I tried and I forgot about the outside world. Complete relaxation! So much, that one thought was to save one joint for Canada (my present residence place). No, no, don’t do it!

Amsterdam is very friendly for bicycle riding and smart about it: special lanes, huge and multilevel bicycle parking.

Also you can find some very original and stripped out outdoors “urinals” for men only!

Don’t forget to try the Dutch cheese and to cheer the Dutch soccer team!


Once in a lifetime destination! A must see. It is surreal, such as Joan Miro’s work. Once you see La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Battlo, Palau de la Musica Catalana and Juan Miro Foundation – you’ll never forget Barcelona!

For food, try Tapas (cold appetizers) and finish with Cava (sparkling wine). Where else in the world you can have “champagne” (cava) as a regular drink during lunch?! Also the cigars are good and cheap.

In terms of fashion, beautiful and very comfortable shoes you can find in Barcelona – and the price is right.

Other experiences:

  • Tasting for the first time Coca-Cola: it was unbelievable good! Where? Rome, Italy.
  • Waiting in line for Mona Lisa! A little disappointed: the paint is so small. But Mona Lisa’s smile is quite enigmatic! Where? The Louvre Museum, Paris, France.
  • Wandering through Vienna’s Christmas markets and enjoying Gluhwein (hot mulled wine). Where? Vienna, Austria.