Quirky Taipei: The Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet

Eating out of a bathroom toilet may not be your fine dining dream, but for sure it is one of a kind experience.

“Go pee-pee or go poo-poo.”

Enter the world of toilet fetish at the “Modern Toilet” restaurant in the Ximending area of Taipei!

Modern Toilet Restaurant Entrance

The entrance to the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei

Even from the entrance you get a sense of what to expect.

 Toilet themed restaurant

Love poo-poo!

The clients sit on toilets!

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Sitting on toilets in the restaurant

And the glass tables have sinks underneath with a “fresh” stool inside! Even the menus are “stool” shaped.

Dining at the Modern Toilet Restaurant

Reading the “stool” shaped menu

The toilet theme is seen everywhere, including the lights, the signage of the wall and the washroom sink.

Inside the Modern Toilet Restaurant

Inside the Modern Toilet Restaurant

The food is served, well, in dishes shaped as western or squat style toilets and urinals!

Toilet restaurant food

The food is in “toilet”!

Hmm, is that diarrhea?!

Diarrhea at the Modern Toilet Restaurant

“Soft stool” ice cream at the Modern Toilet Restaurant

Here comes my dish! The toilet shaped bowl is also a stove that keeps the food boiling.

Modern Toilet Restaurant dish

Bon Appétit!

Time for the dessert! Ice cream in perfectly shaped and corresponding looking color to fit the theme, served in a small toilet. Yummy!

Ice cream at the Modern Toilet Restaurant


Don’t forget to visit the washroom and take a look to the mouth shaped urinal!

Mouth shaped urinal

Mouth shaped urinal

Happy ending!

Happy poo-poo

Happy poo-poo!


Modern Toilet, Taipei

Update: Ximending Modern Toilet is now permanently closed.

Bon Appétit!

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