Message in a Bottle

I’ll send an SOS to the world…

Finding Beauty in the Garbage

On the small Thai island of Koh Mak you may be just yourself on the beaches wandering for hours. But there is a strong reminder that we live on planet Earth: our human pollution, reaching even the most remote parts of our world.

“Walked out this morning

Don’t believe what I saw

A hundred billion bottles

Washed up on the shore

Seems I’m not alone at being alone

A hundred billion castaways

Looking for a home.”

– Police, Message in a Bottle

Did you know there are 5.25 trillion bits of plastic of all sizes in the oceans of the world? Source: The Economist.

There is no message in a bottle; the bottle itself is a message to humanity: protect our environment.

Here is a selection of the most interesting beach findings on the island of Koh Mak.


Unusual big bulbs and neons between coconuts

Lost Headphones

Listening to the sound of sea

Smiley Face

I am alive!

Beach Garbage

Still life with one shoe and fishing nets

Red Heart

A box with a heart

Green Day

Green Day? No way…

Stick and Stones

Stone age reminder. Are we really so advanced today?

Lost Bag

Lost bag. Content at the bottom of the ocean. Diamonds? Maybe…


UFO crash on the beach

Beach Alien

Alien pretending to be dead

Blue Planet

Blue planet taking a rest on Earth

Garbage Art

Scarecrow for aliens or humans?

Doll from the sea

Lost doll searching the horizon for a saviour

Lavander Breeze

Who needs lavender breeze, when you have ocean breeze?

Hot and Sour

The best hot & sour just arrived on your beach!


Still good to go!


Why did you throw me into the ocean? I gave you light…

Lost Woman Sandals

Shoe fetish for clams

Colorful Syringe

Inject a dose of dreams and escape reality

Happy Duck

I am a happy duck, rescued from the ocean. Time to dry under a coconut tree!

April 22 is Earth Day

Each year, Earth Day – April 22 – marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.