Back in Time in Mekong Delta

The long way to Cambodia: from Saigon to Phnom Penh. It took me two days with boat through Mekong Delta and bus.

Sailing slowly through the Mekong Delta, I admired the scenery: fishermen, floating markets, houses on stilts.

The fishermen work in pairs: woman and man, in a small row-boat. The woman keeps the boat in position while the man throws the net into the water.

The floating market is quite something to watch.

The motor boats are selling fruits, vegetables and even gasoline.  If the boat sells melons, the boat will have a melon hanging from the top of a stick, so you will know from a distance what product is for sale.

In the Mekong Delta, River and even on the ground, all the houses are on stilts. People are eating or take a rest under the house, in the shadow. Also they store products or park their motorbikes under their house.

Everywhere, on the boat or under the house, a hammock is a must. After lunch, it is time for siesta!

The people on the river sides are very friendly, especially the children, waving and shouting to our boat for attention.

In many parts of Vietnam, the gasoline for motorbikes is sold on the side of the roads in Pepsi plastic bottles or very small pumps with the gasoline in a glass recipient.

What I Tried

  • Snake Wine! From a big glass jar, with rice wine and snakes coiled inside, I drunk a small glass. It tastes like wine and it tastes like snake!
  • Watching cock-fight training (note: the roosters didn’t have blades attached to their feet)