Let’s Go to Singapore!

Landing page to a series of posts exploring the island city-state of Singapore.

It was a quick decision to travel to one of Asia’s top destinations. Booked the flight in Bangkok through AirAsia.com and the “Fragrance Hotel Ruby” in the middle of the Singapore red light district, Geylang.

Quick planning of the trip using the Frommer’s online guide, letting the details out for the fate (or whim) to decide.

For the five days trip I renounced to the checked baggage (that would cost extra) and I took only my backpack as a carry-on luggage.

And, of course I left my chewing gum at home. Singapore banned the chewing gum since 1992!

Welcome to the Lion City

In Sanskrit  “Singapura” means “Lion City”.

First Impressions

There’s nowhere that looks like Singapore; it’s absolutely beautiful on a purely aesthetic level. – Lisa Joy

Singapore is a modern, rich, civilized and clean city, whose daily life is governed by a multitude of laws and rules that are strictly enforced.

As a city, it is somewhere between Bangkok and Tokyo, but without the roughness of the former and without the finesse of the last.

While in Singapore, you are under constant surveillance, 24 hours, 360 degrees. I’ve never seen anywhere in the world so many CCTV cameras and warning signs.

But the biggest warning you will receive is on the airplane before arrival: “Warning: Death for Drug Traffickers under Singapore Law” – printed on the immigration card.

Getting Around

By MRT train is very easy to travel in Singapore to all the tourist destinations. You can buy the three days Tourist Pass from Changi airport.


A Touch of the Past: Geylang


Spectacular Architecture

Marina Bay, Singapore

Cultures of Singapore

Cultures of Singapore

10 Weird Laws in Singapore You Should Know Before You Go

Singapore laws

Fun Places to Go

Singapore fun

Quick Facts

  • Island city-state
  • Population: 5.4 million
  • Independent from 1965
  • Multicultural
  • Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil
  • Global commerce, transportation and financial hub
  • The world’s most expensive city
  • Tropical climate