Kathmandu Street Photography

After the shock of arrival, it is time to explore the streets of Kathmandu.

One well known commercial neighborhood in Kathmandu is Thamel. A busy place with shops, travel agencies, restaurants, budget hotels and more. Cars, bicycles and rickshaws compete for space with hundreds of pedestrians crisscrossing the narrow alleys.

Photos from Thamel and other areas.


A narrative written by Avijeet Das

“The feelings of Paarijat linger as an epiphany
and the smoke and aroma of incense sticks welcome you into a dream land.

Myriad Thanka paintings splash colors in your eyes and the melodious chants of the Buddhist monks add tranquility to your heart.

Cafes and restaurants mushroom here all the year round as does the grass in the valley around Kathmandu.

While drifting in these lanes of Thamel, you feel like Alice in Wonderland, discovering the magic of hand crafted wooden sculptures, pashminas and yak wool shawls.

And meeting foreign tourists from all around the world, smiling and greeting you a “Namaste” will serenade you with the fragrance of Nepal, intoxicating one and all!”

Colour powder

Kathmandu Street Photography

“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.” – Robert Doisneau

Kathmandu street photography

Kathmandu street photography

Trekkers dry food

Kathmandu tailor

Raw meat for sale

Washing clothes

Kathmandu street photography

Jewelry and purses shop

Kathmandu street photography

Medicine seller

Scorpion medicine

Scorpion medicine

Brother and sister

Food seller in Kathmandu

Meet seller

Girl sitting near shrine

Street hair cut

Kathmandu street market

Bamboo swing

Kathmandu market

Kathmandu street photography camera used: Sigma DP (now Merrill).