The Good Manners Guide for Travelers to Japan

Going to Japan?

Learn the etiquette! A Japan good manners guide for travelers comes handy and the City of Kyoto has has just released the “Akimahen of Kyoto” using smart graphics and an emoji scale of severity for misbehaving.

“In Japan, I was immensely impressed by the politeness, industrious nature and conscientiousness of the Japanese people.” – J. Paul Getty

Did you know the taxi doors in Japan are opened and closed remotely by taxi drivers?

Do you know how to use the Japanese style toilets?

Don’t ride a bicycle while drunk: US $8000 fine or 5 years in prison!

Find out more about the etiquette in Kyoto and Japan.

“The Japanese have perfected good manners and made them indistinguishable from rudeness.” – Paul Theroux

Akimahen (Don’ts) of Kyoto

The City of Kyoto issued a good manners guide for travelers.

Japan good manners guide

Kyoto Etiquette Guide (City of Kyoto)

Japan Good Manners Guide: How to Use This Toilet

Japan good manners guide: how to use the toilet in Japan

japan good manners guide: how to use the toilet (City of Kyoto)

“There are some ghost stories in Japan where – when you are sitting in the bathroom in the traditional style of the Japanese toilet – a hand is actually starting to grab you from beneath. It’s a very scary story.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Travel Photos from Japan