Goodbye “Whiskey Saigon” – Welcome the New Kid in Town!

A little bit of history

“Whiskey Saigon” was my first blog, created in 2010 in order to keep in touch with my family, friends and coworkers during my four month Asia & Africa adventure.

More than 10 years ago I bought the domain name I was looking for a good name, something catchy, exotic, that I can use it or sale it.

It happened to be the name of a well-known club in Toronto, no longer in business.

What is the “100 Travel Stories”?

The “100 Travel Stories” is a continuation and revamping of the old “Whiskey Saigon” travel blog with the addition of new trips and stories.

What happened with the old site?

The “Whiskey Saigon” was hosted by, with limited control and design limitations. The “100 Travel Stories” is self-hosted, totally new design. The content is revised, but the comments haven’t been migrated from the old blog.

Why the blog name has been changed?

I did like the domain name, but in 2013 I sold it to a night club from Boston with the same name.

What is the meaning of the logo?

The logo is intriguing. What are you seeing? What’s your impression?

Enjoy the stories and follow the blog for more. New adventures are in the planning stage!