Close Up to Nature in Cuba

In the South of Cuba, between the Carribean Sea and Sierra Maestra Mountains is the lovely resort “Brisas Los Galeones“. Taking the 300 steps down to the beach every day and wandering in the nearby forest, I took close up photos of the surrounding vegetation and flora, with the occasional lizard in between.

Close Up Nature Photos

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Beach grapes - close up nature

Cuba lizard - close up nature

Palm tree

Red flowers

Red flower bud - close up nature

Pink shell

Cuba lizard

See urchin

Dead coral mesh on the beach

Starfish - close up nature

Monster rock in the sea

Green cactus with blue sky background

Papaya tree

Buds, Cuba

Beans tree - close up nature


Trunk pattern

On the beach

Tree mushrooms

Shells in a log