Around the World in 12 Beers

Well known or never heard about beers, strange tastes and crazy names, here is a selection of 12 beers I enjoyed around the world.

Beer, Lots of Beer


“Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Homer Simpson

“The cause of and solution to all life’s problems!” – Homer Simpson

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.” – Frank Zappa

12 Beers from Around the World

Tongba Hot Beer

While in Kathmandu try “Tongba” and be surprised: the millet beer is served and drunk hot!

World beers: Tongba

Tongba hot beer

Smoked Beer

What if you want to drink beer and eat smoked sausage, but you don’t have the sausage? The Germans find the solution: beer with smoked sausage taste!

Smoked beer

Smoked beer

From Bamberg, Bavaria, enjoyed in Sibiu, Romania.

The Boneshaker

This one is a strong beer and it shows through taste and design. Perhaps this is what the after life looks like: a skeleton riding a bicycle! The Boneshaker. Proudly made in Canada.

World beers: the Boneshaker

Boneshaker beer

Boneshaker beer bottle

Boneshaker beer bottle

JulBrew, the Gambia

In West Africa, there is the JulBrew beer from Banjul, the Gambia. The Kingfisher bird is featured on the label.

World beers: Julbrew, the Gambia

Julbrew beer – Banjul, the Gambia


“Everest” is a special edition Nepalese beer featuring the 12th time Mt. Everest climber Nima Gombu sherpa on the label. Enjoyed in Kathmandu at candle light while listening to the stories of other climbers.

World beers: Everest, Nepal

Everest beer

Chang, the “Elephant”

After a bicycle ride under strong sun on the island of Koh Mak, a big Chang beer is a heavenly reward!

Chang beer

Chang beer

Chang is the number one selling beer in Thailand.

Classic Dark Taiwan

Michelob Classic Dark is the best Taiwanese dark beer, a retired American beer sold now in Asia.

Classic Dark beer Taiwan

Classic Dark beer Taiwan

Nenea Iancu

“Nenea Iancu” was released as a tribute to Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale. Brewed by Memminger Brauerei, Germany.

World beers: Nenea Iancu, Romania

Nenea Iancu beer

Palm Beer

The traditional Khmer palm beer is made in Cambodia from sour palm juice for hundreds of years. It is worth a try!

World beers: Khmer Palm beer, Cambodia

Khmer Palm beer


Cambodian beer, named after the famous Angkor Wat temples. Enjoyed in style at the “Foreign Correspondents Club” in Phnom Penh.

World beers: Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor beer


“Normal is Weird”

The craziest and the weirdest beer in the world can be found only at the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Canada.

World beers: Flying Monkeys, Canada

Flying Monkeys beer, Netherworld

Take a pick: Antigravity, Optical Illusion,  Cadillac Graveyard, Super Collider, Smash Bomb Atomic, Genius of Suburbia, 12 Minutes to Destiny, Deep Tracks, El Toro Bravo, Paranormal, Saint Beatnick. Truly tasty, wonderful aromas.

Bucanero Fuerte

Viva la Revolucion! Bucanero Fuerte is one of the best Cuban beers. Best enjoyed in Cuba!

World beers: Bucanero Fuerte, Cuba

Bucanero Fuerte beer, Cuba