A Story from the Mountains

Found some old photos, taken more than 10 years ago that can make an interesting story. It is about an inventor, a peasant we call “Nea Ion” – who lived at that time alone, somehwere in Transylvania,  “Plaiul Foii” area, next to Piatra Craiului National Park (Carpathian Mountains).

A beautiful area, like so many in Romania, with wild nature, villages lost in time and farmers who are still using the old, traditional ways of farming.

I don’t remember many details about Nea Ion, but I do remember his invention and that he loves the local drink, “tzuica“.

What Nea Ion did, was to motorize a horse-drawn carriage by using a tractor engine. He added a steering wheel and pedals to drive his creation. And it works. How ingenious!

The Photots

I learned how little in the way of material goods we really need, and how beautiful a simple life can be. In Romania people work with their hands every day, and you’ll see an 80-year-old woman still chopping wood because she’s been looking after herself all her life, and she still has the strength to do it. – Renee Zellweger

Nea Ion’s invention

Story from the mountains: the invention of Nea Ion

Story from the mountains: Nea Ion with his invention

Hybryd tractor carriage

Hybryd tractor carriage

Nea Ion’s cabin and workshop

Small cabin

Story from the mountains:: Nea Ion at the stove

Cabin room

Iron workshop

German Sheppard dog

Plaiul Foii

Story from the mountains: Plaiul Foii

Mountain trekking signs

Piatra Craiului

Piatra Craiului