10 Weird Laws in Singapore You Should Know Before You Go

“The Fine City”

The nickname for Singapore, “The Fine City”, has double meaning. In order to maintain the “public order” and to protect the “fine state” of Singapore, the Government has imposed a multitude of strict laws and hefty fines.

Don’t risk being fined or worst, caned and jailed in Singapore. Besides the usual “No Smoking” or “No Littering” signs, and besides the unusual “No Jumping”, “No Riding”, “No Running”, “No Heel Shoes” and “No Umbrellas” signs – there are also weird laws in Singapore that you should be aware of.

1. No chewing gum

The sale and importing of chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.

Singapore CCTV Cameras

UFO in Singapore

2. Flush the toilet after use or you can get fined

And don’t even think to pee in the elevator!

Toilet signs in Singapore

Toilet signs

3. Same sex relations are forbidden

Time in jail: two years.

Secret Affair

Secret Affair

4. Don’t look suspicious in the metro

And don’t take photos either….

Metro warning

Metro warning

5. You will get caned for vandalism

A rattan cane is used. The blows are applied with the full force of the jailer’s arm on the offender’s bare buttocks.

Singapore vandalism

Message wall

6. Don’t walk around your house naked

If you are seen, you risk a fine or even jail term, under Singapore’s pornography law.

Singapore weird laws: don’t walk around your house naked

Naked mannequins

7. Suicide is illegal

If you survive a suicide attempt, you will be jailed or fined.

Suicide sign

Upside down

8. No cuddling or touching in public

Handshakes and hugs are OK.

No touching sign in Singapore

No touching

9. Keep your political or religious comments to yourself

You may get in trouble with the authorities. Keeping peace and harmony in the country is important for the Singapore government.

Singapore Parliament building

Singapore Parliament building

10. No illegal drugs

Absolutely no illegal drugs, including taking drugs before entering the country.

Death for drug traffickers - Singapore

Death for drug traffickers – Singapore

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