• Bakery addiction

    Bakery Addiction: A Visual Poetry

    A visual bakery journey. Following the aroma of fresh bread and pastries from Canada to China and Japan.

  • Taipei Airport Information Center girl

    Love Is In the Air!

    Flying for the first time with the Taiwanese EVA Airlines was a pleasant surprise. Everything is done with the customer in mind, starting with the service and ending with the branding.

  • Cuba Travel Tips

    Cuba Travel Tips and Tricks

    Travel tips and tricks from Cuba: safety and savings, the taxi trick, the Hemingway and the milk scams, the counterfeit cigars and more.

One day stop in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city. Nestled beside Lake Zurich and surrounded by picturesque mountains, the city offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Just wander and be surprised!

Divana Spa

“Where Oriental Aesthetics and  Unsurpassed Quality Meet”

An Oasis of Calm in Central Bangkok

8 million people, 4 million vehicles. Welcome to life in the metropolis, Bangkok!

Where can you find a peaceful place in the middle of the tumult, a place where you can relax and forget your worries?

Welcome to Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark – a city with a population of 660,000 people and 675,000 bicycles! Yes, more bicycles than people. And with just 120,000 cars, Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. People commute to work, exercise or travel throughout the city by bike, even at sub-zero temperatures and in the rain – the typical weather for a late December.

Photos and Quotes

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ – Robin Williams

Get a glimpse of the ephemeral cherry blossoms in High Park, Toronto! Thanks to the citizens of Tokyo, the first Japanese Somei-Yoshino Cherry Tree or Sakura was planted here in 1959. And from that time until now, people immortalized the beauty of these delicate pink and white flowers using film and digital cameras, cell phones and paintbrush on canvas.

One of the best St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Toronto! An explosion of Irish energy and lot of fun, way over the expectations! It all happened in 2022.

Thousands of people lined up the streets enjoying the parade: marching bands, floats, mascots, Irish music and dancing. Joining the parade in our multicultural city were Chinese, Japanese and Mexican colourful dancers. And a few surprises: the shiny appearance of the “Silver Elvis”, Miss Toronto Tourism and a column of DMC DeLorean sport cars.