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“Imagine arriving here in the 1880s… the smell of pine forest, the sound of avalanches from the mountains above, and the wonder of vast unexplored country ahead. Today, the ice-capped peaks, hidden valleys and turquoise lakes are as spectacular as they ever were, and are much easier to get to!

Early visitors came to Lake Louise by rail or on horseback, until the road from Banff opened in the 1920s. Travellers in winter explored on snowshoes, and in the 1930s, the skiers arrived. The Lake Louise area has become a mecca for climbers, walkers, and tourists, summer and winter.” (Alberta Parks)

Lake Louise weather forecast: sunny. Reality: smoky. Quite a surprise to find the mountains surrounding the lake covered by smoke from the California wildfires. Nevertheless, the weather didn’t stop us to enjoy exploring the area. We’ll start with “foggy” Lake Louise and end with sunny Lake Louise in the next post.

Let’s go to the Rocky Mountains! Sasi and I planned one week trip to Banff, Alberta (Western Canada) for this Fall. After searching and searching for accommodation in Banff, we were lucky to find a rustic mountain lodge right near Lake Louise – the Deer Lodge! Part funded by redeeming travel points from the CIBC Aventura card – we were able to book the “Heritage Room” in this beautiful hundred years old lodge.

From Taipei, With Love!

One camera. One city. And if the city is Taipei, then you are a lucky photographer. Seven days in Taipei and 1,600 photos!

Each photo tells a story, each photo has an emotion attached to it. But how can you select the best photos without the emotions getting into the way? The American street photographer Garry Winogrand would even wait one year before judging his images.

Falling in love with Taipei and its people is easy. Enjoy a glimpse of Taipei in 24 images.

Finally I did it! From a large variety of insects, worms, frogs, bugs and other alien looking creatures I tried three varieties here in Bangkok, under my own will and being in the right state of mind: fried frogs, bamboo worms and wood worms!

A certain quantity of Hong Thong (Thai spirits) helps.

This culinary adventure happened sometime ago. Read the tasting review, and, if have a chance, try a little bug next time!

Daisen Fishing Trip Japan

By Xue Feng

This time my adventure takes place in Daisen, a small town located along the west coast of Japan. Daisen is also the name of the local mountain, elevated at 1700 meters. Having a giant mountain be so close to the Sea of Japan is a rare topographical trait that makes this area so unique.

To enjoy the beauty of the sea and to appreciate nature’s gift, my friend Yabu-chan invited me to go on a fishing trip with local fisherman Mr.Takami.