Happy New Year & Happy Travels 2015!

The News

I am back in Bangkok, after days of intensive travel to Hua Hin and River Kwai in Thailand, to Pakse area and waterfalls in Laos and to Ko Lipe Island in the Andaman Sea.

Busy itineraries, an injury, lack of internet connection and romance in between prevented me to post new stories to the blog.

The photos are piling up, hundreds at a time. The process of selecting the best photos from almost 4,000 is tedious and takes a lot of time.

In Laos I hurt my left leg (ligament rupture). I am still recovering. Despite this, the search for adventure, romance and enlightenment continues!

Facts about ‘100 Travel Stories’ Blog

The ‘100 Travel Stories’ blog is two month old and it has a steady number of followers and readers. Happy New Year to all of you wherever you are!

Xue is the first contributor to the blog and ‘100 Travel Stories’ is part of the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

Total posts published: 47.

Demographics: The biggest group of visitors in terms of gender are women (51.3%) and the biggest age group of readers is 25 to 34 (50.54%).

Top 3 locations: USA, Thailand, Canada

Top 5 posts:

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5 Comments on “Happy New Year & Happy Travels 2015!

  1. Ciao Ovi

    I am impressed. I will start following your stories. You never cease to amaze me. I talked to Florin today about you. N-ai sughitat? 🙂

    Get settled in Thailand and I will come visit you one day. I love traveling too but who can keep up with you? Soon you will have to change the name of this blog and call it “1,000 travel stories” or better yet “1,001 travel stories” 🙂 What kind of health care plan do you have? what do you do when you get sick, I mean more serious kind of sick. I’m trying to figure it out how you do it, as a modus vivendi:)

    • Thanks Sebastian,

      It takes time to know a country. I am adapting slowly to Thailand and Thai culture. Depending of the income sources and what’s going to happen in my personal life, I may continue to travel, return to Canada or settle down somewhere else.

      Yes, I still have many stories and photos to post from Thailand and Laos, and impressions from my past three trips to Japan.

      I always purchase travel medical insurance with medical emergency coverage. Fortunately, I didn’t have to use the insurance for major problems, but it came handy in the past in Nepal and Vietnam, and most recently in Laos.

      Take care and see you in North America, Europe or Asia!

  2. Oh man No, sorry to hear that you got injured but this is totally not a surprise to me as I was sick for several times. please do Eat well and REST well, both are really important. At times, we can be really greedy and want to see everything. Im super curious about the romance part hahah. No updates from me.

    My photos is overwhelming as well, but I got kinda stuck of the creative part. My photo nowadays is more about documenting. I lost the emotional side of what I used to have.

    • No worries, I am almost completely healed and getting ready for my next trip: Malaysia. I guess “romance” is part of my life. I can find romance even in a bottle of wine, ha, ha!

      About photography, I am still trigger happy, “shooting” people with the Ricoh – sometimes same location but different light and different mood. I am very curious to see your photos, you are really good at interpreting the subject and immortalize it in a creative way!

  3. Great post! I love your images. They are really good. Keep up the nice work!

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