The “Wild West” of Europe: Romania

Buna Ziua! (Good Day)

Romania is my native country and it deserves a lot more exposure. I was born in the beautiful city of Sibiu or Hermannstadt, Transylvania, near the Carpathian Mountains and very close to the Dracula’s Castle!

Romania is a country of extreme contrasts. Beauty and ugliness, luxury and poverty coexists somehow peacefully in an original democracy and a very, very wild capitalism. Welcome to the Wild West!

If you want to have a good time, Romania is the place: superb, unspoiled sceneries, villages lost in time, old traditions still alive, friendly people, beautiful women, good food and drinks.

Contrasts: the latest model of Mercedes along with the old, Romanian national car Dacia (model 1970 Renault). And if you know Trabant – the plastic car from East Germany, here you still can see few. If you don’t have a driving licence, no problem: a horse-drawn carriage can bring you to the destination!


Places to visit:

Nature destinations:

Food and drinks to try

Noroc! (Good Luck)

Romania Photos

Romania Photos

2 Comments on “The “Wild West” of Europe: Romania

  1. I was impressed to discover that a Romanian has written the article. Thank you for sharing the world our beautiful country.

    • Multumesc, Andreea! I need to travel more in Romania and write more about it. There are too many beautiful places that the world doesn’t know about.

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